Company Profile

Within the millions of details in life, Ozcanlar has been professionalizing and providing services in 'Door Handle Systems’ with its 30 years old experience and more than 200 hundred employees that can reach all technological capabilities. Ozcanlar aims to be a world-wide known brand by improving its products that are produced by high technology.

In pursuit of its aim, Ozcanlar constantly invests in technology, increases its production capacity and forges MS-58 Brass raw material with high quality labor. Furthermore, Ozcanlar provides and offers new models made by new raw materials such as zinc, aluminum and stainless raw materials, to our customers.

Our mission: constantly enhancing the product range with new designs, meeting the wishes and needs of people from different cultural backgrounds, manufacturing products that reflect modern and classic perspectives. Our perspective (philosophy): Enhancing the product range that consists of 850 different types from 16 different colors.

Ozcanlar sustains its philosophy functional by offering products based on high technology and appropriate prices. We are improving our strength with the connections that we made in 35 different countries. The essential distinction of Ozcanlar from its rivals is its dynamic structure and innovative decision-making capability of its management that is open to transformations and improvements.

The high technology that we have been using provides us production efficiency by which we became one of the ideal firms in the sector. Moreover, we aim to spread our achievements and exports to broad fields as we produce in various models, sizes and colors.