HR Policy

Ozcanlar, accepts 'human capital' as its most important principle in its operations. The chief aim of human resources policies is the use of human resources efficiently and effectively and finding a common point in between the satisfaction of employees and foundation principles.

Ozcanlar, The Vision of Human Resources;

Aiming to transform our company to global organization with the assistance of entrepreneur, open-minded, determined human resource management.

Ozcanlar, The Mission of Human Resources;

The principles and strategies of our foundation are embraced by our employees as their individual aims. Therefore, we aim to create a value in which our the most important sources – employees – can maintain and develop their performance steady in pursuit of their aims and also develop their own skills.

Ozcanlar, Policy of Human Resources;

In the management of human resources;
» Employment based on skills
» Equal opportunity
» Recognizing and appreciation on time is out primary principle